Keep Those White Sneakers White

How to Clean White Shoes

Let’s be honest as much as we all love trainers cleaning them can be a a real pain, theres nothing worse than a box fresh pair and all of a sudden you get caught out by a loose slab on the pavement and boom! Black water all over them.

Here we take a look at the main ways to clean white shoes. Before we move on any further you will need to consider which of these options is suitable before you start. The options at your disposal are:

  • Put them in the washing machine – Good for tough materials
  • Use an all-purpose cleaning spray or soapy water with a sponge or toothbrush
  • Magic Eraser
  • Cleaning kit like Jason Markk or Crepe Protect 
  • Brushing off dry dirt

Generally speaking, you should be careful about how you use your white shoes during the day to avoid serious cleaning problems.  If you do end up with dried mud or flecks of dirt on your shoes, give them a brush off when you get home or a white down with a wet wipe. You might find that you are able to get rid of the worst of it with these simple technique.



Once you do get a stain, or build-up of dirt, it’s time to decide how to clean your shoes. It all depends on what kind of white shoes you’re wearing. For leather or stronger fabrics usually a stiff brush and a foam or soapy water are the easiest choice.


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