Sneakerheads, Get Yourself Some Suit Pants


Sneakerheads today have more choices than ever before and generally that’s something that’s positive, but don’t forget the rest of your outfit.

But often it’s not so straightforward to pick out bottoms that will complement your kicks or vice versa, especially when the landscape runs the full gauntlet from timeless tennis styles like the adidas “Calabasas” Powerphase to today’s norm like the Nike VaporMax. Usually, your first instinct is to pull out a reliable pair of jeans, and then cuff them or pin-roll them if we don’t love the fit at first.

For a little while, the go-to solution for everyone was jogger pants (we hate jogger pants), championed by Publish Brand (makes them slightly more bare able) but subsequently produced by everyone from Zara to Balmain. Featuring a ribbed ankle collar that looks great with almost any sneaker on a lazy Sunday and only then. However thankfully the greater community seems to have grown tired with them.

Meanwhile, sneakerheads have lazily tried pin-rolling, and tucking their socks into their pants (major no no), which is only slightly less embarrassing than tucking your shirt into your underwear.



In street style sets from around the world, you’ve probably seen people like Nick Wooster who have been killing this look for years, as well as other cool but slightly intimidating style combinations that are difficult to pull off, unless you’re a big-time fashionista. While those fashion week galleries do serve as a source as inspiration for daily fits, here’s another suggestion:


Cop a pair of suit pants.

We’re not talking khakis or chinos, not Dickies or Carhartt, but some proper pleated trousers. Yes before you ask they’re not something you should buy online without trying on first, but a nice pair of suit pants can accentuate your kicks and pull together an outfit in a strong way.

Of course this is a look for all ages, and there are many young sneakerheads pushing the culture forward, but for those of us around the corner from 30, the ability to produce a smart look from your arsenal is very key.

Inspired by urban living and the often-requisite commute to work, years ago New York City brand Outlier sort of pioneered the idea of office-ready trousers that stand up to cycling to an office job day-in-day-out.

Alternatively, while being designed with less raw function, Scandinavian brands like Acne Studios and Our Legacy always have trousers on hand. For something slightly cheaper but still great head to stores like Uniqlo or H&M stock men’s suiting as well.

Come on, CEOs, celebrities and corporate giants have even found a way to rock kicks with office attire.

We just don’t want to see another pair of pin-rolled jeans or jogger pants on Instagram.


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