Sneaker Lab, The Premium Clean


With white sneaker season in full swing it’s time to face facts and prepare for those pearly whites to get dirty. But worry no more, with Sneaker Lab you can keep your sneakers gleaming like the first day they came out of the box. Natural, 100% biodegradable Sneaker Lab cleaning products are also environmentally friendly.

The cleaning brand teamed up on multiple partnerships with brands such as New Balance and Puma, creating elite co-branded clean kits specific to each brand and the materials they use, so  you can be sure this is a premium cleaning product to be taken seriously.

With a premium cleaning kit priced at $24.99 (Sneaker Cleaner, Odor Protector, Premium Brush, Sneaker Protector) a lot for your bang might we add.. it’s on par with brands such as sneaker head favourite Jason Markk and cheaper option’s such as Crep Protect.

Review: 10/10 – A great reliable clean and easy to use product with protection spray lasting longer than a lot of other brands, saving time on repeat sprays.


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