The Wardrobe: The Tech CEO

Silicon Valley is no longer a place where people assume everyone is the glasses wearing, socially incapable “geek” that people used to think of when you said tech start-up. With a laid back attitude and the attire to match, outlandishly designed office space and a chance for the lowly intern to be included in key decision making, masses of graduates and people from all industries want a pie of the tech pie. But what about these young, high-flying entrepreneur’s? Are they suits and shining shoes?

We don’t think so! Below we take a look at the sneakers favoured by some of the tech industries leading CEO’s.


Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook


Now we all know is his university days Mark favoured Sliders but lets be honest, for the colder months those aren’t exactly practical. Mark in recent years has gone for the Nike Lunar Flyknit 3. This is the perfect trainer for the busy CEO, with cloud like comfort and sleek look it’s perfect to tie with most casual outfits.

Price: £130


Evan Spiegel – Snap Inc


Quite possibly the coolest tech CEO of the moment Evan Spiegel is the CEO of SNAP Inc (Snapchat to you and me). This 26 year old isn’t your average ($4 Billion worth) tech titan, with a Victoria Secret model wife  – Miranda Kerr – his environmentally destructive Ferrari California and his feature in Italian Vogue, this fella takes pride in his appearance. Clearly his favoured choice, like many men his age today Evan has chosen the minimalist vibes Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers. A great choice for any board meeting or casual get away paired with the perfect jeans or chinos.

Price: £290


Jeff Bezos – Amazon Inc


Jeff Bezos, known as the man who changed how we shop, is a technology and retail entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Jeff shows you that even with a net worth of $84.7 billion he keeps it simple and low key with one of our personal favorites, Jack Purcell Lowtops by Converse.

Price: £80.00


Daniel Ek – Spotify


The Swedish entrepreneur and Spotify co-founder was named the most powerful man in music business this year by Billboard. And we can safely say his style screams music exec with a combination of rock band t-shirts paired with a blazer, jeans and of course the essential industry go to, the Nike Airforce 1.

Price: £72.00


Brian Chesky – Airbnb


 Brian Joseph Chesky is the co-founder of the hospitality exchange service Airbnb. Chesky is the CEO of the company and was named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People of 2015. With his clean style, you can tell the Airbnb co-founder is from a design background. With above the ankle suit pants tied together with a simplistic t-shirt and clean white Gucci Ace low top sneakers this tech CEO is nailing it.

Price: £405


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