So How Much Did NBA Stars Earn This Past Year From Their Multi-Million Dollar Shoe Deals?

While most of the athletes in the NBA already earn a pretty respectable salary, the most elite players, however, rake in more cash due to their multi-million dollar shoe deals, which can sometimes amount to more than their entire playing salary.

In a recent breakdown by Forbes, the publication lists the basketball superstars (past, present, and future) and the dollar amounts they earned in the past 12 months on their footwear deals alone. The ranking puts Michael Jordan and Nike at the top of the list with $110 million. While Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony are found at the bottom with  mere $5 million each. The biggest take away from this list is that Jordan has a $78 million lead on LeBron James’s $32 million. There’s Nike dominating (of course) the first four spots as well.

Full 12-month breakdown of what these NBA stars earned from 2016-2017 from their shoe deals below:

1. Michael Jordan: $110 million, Nike (Jordan)

2. LeBron James: $32 million, Nike

3. Kevin Durant: $25 million, Nike

4. Kobe Bryant: $16 million, Nike

5. James Harden: $14 million, Adidas

6. Stephen Curry: $12 million, Under Armour

7. Derrick Rose: $11 million, Adidas

8. Damian Lillard: $10 million, Adidas

9. Dwyane Wade: $8 million, Li-Ning

10. Kyrie Irving: $8 million, Nike

11. Paul George: $5.5 million, Nike

12. Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony: $5 million each, Nike (Jordan)


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