Brooklyn Beckham’s First Photography Book Is Pretty Much Perfect

810 (1)8101440Brooklyn-Beckham-on-set-at-the-live-Instagram-shoot-for-Burberry-Brit-fragrances_002-1600x1200

The critics haven’t been kind about young Brooklyn, commenting on blurry photography and straightforward tone in the captions like “my little sister Harper was not a fan of fishing she decided to wait in the car”. They’re idiots. At just 18 the eldest of the Beckham siblings Brooklyn is still very young for a published photographer and he should be proud of this book.

While he may not be the finished product just yet, there’s no denying that the book is a pretty intriguing insight into one of the most famous families in the world. Highlights included photographs of his father David Beckham (who he admits is “pretty photogenic”) hiking in Iceland, his little sister Harper salmon fishing and photographs of his mother posing in a Posh Spice mask.

Brooklyn, following in his dad’s charitable ways is also donating proceeds from the book’s accompanying photography exhibition at Christie’s to children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Critics need to show some respect and give young Brooklyn Beckham a break, encouraging this budding photographer. I mean, David Bailey didn’t even get his first photography job as an assistant until he was 21.


What I See by Brooklyn Beckham is published on 29 June by Penguin Random House, price £16.99


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