A Tooth Brush Perfect For The Time Poor


Amabrush, the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush. This slightly strange device is capable of brushing your teeth in a staggering 10 seconds. This is possible thanks to a flexible mouthpiece — three years in the making — that vibrates every tooth clean just by pressing a button.

The toothbrush in turn boasts built-in micro-channels that apply toothpaste to your teeth. The mouthpiece itself is then made from antibacterial silicone that kills 99.99% of all bacteria.

With those mere 10 seconds to clean your teeth, Amabrush brushes every tooth 8 times longer and 12 times faster. It’s the Usain Bolt of the toothbrush world!

Following, to clean Amabrush, normal rinsing will do the trick.

And for the battery, one single charge of the toothbrush will last you 28 sessions.

For more on the innovative Amabrush, which is designed to fit all mouth sizes, follow on over to their Kickstarter page.


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