Inside adidas’s Brooklyn Creative “Farm”, A Shoe Designers Disneyland

Adidas has unveiled one of its top-secret design locations: a subtle space in Brooklyn called “The Farm.” The space hosts a relatively small team of designers from around the world who together, work on creating shoes for the future. Marc Dolce, VP and creative director at adidas, says that the sole job of the facility is to be “creating culture.”

The space, as discovered by Business Insider, is split into two areas: a designer’s space and the MakerLab. The MakerLab is a space needed to create any type of sneaker or clothing that the designers can think of – something the manager of the lab, Michael Nash, refers to as “Disneyland for designers.”


The article notes that the studio is currently planning for 2020 with the focus being on basketball, a category that has dipped in recent years. Global Creative Director Paul Gaudio said “People don’t buy sports products just because they need a new pair of shoes, they want a new pair of shoes. You need to be able to blend those cultural insights and desires with the purpose of the product, the functional needs. That’s the kind of thing we explore here.”


Source: BusinessInsider 

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