The Original Rolex GMT-Master Recreated By Tempus Machina

Tempus Machina, the contemporary manufacturer responsible for re-imagining iconic Rolex timepieces, has set its sights on the original Rolex GMT-Master.

Originally created for Pan American World Airways (or, Pan-Am) pilots in the 1950s, the GMT-Master was created in conjunction with the airline and became part of Rolex’s Professional Watch Collection; a 50th anniversary model was even produced for its half-a-century celebration in 2005. Now, the Tempus Machina 711Z stands as a modern makeover as one of the original GMT-Master iterations, taking its cues from the 6542 GMT-Master.

At $35,000 USD, the new offering from Jeremy Davis’ watch company is less than half the price of current GMT-Master models that pop up during TV shows like Antiques Roadshow. Keeping true to the old-school blueprint of construction, Tempus Machina produces their versions with slim builds and adopts decades-old manufacturing techniques to create the dials.


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