To Tuck Or Not To Tuck

Not long ago, a tucked-in T-shirt was the preserve of Napoleon Dynamite and, most likely, your dad during the 1990s. Nonetheless, it’s a look that’s rapidly on the rise, spearheaded by menswear’s agenda-setting tastemakers: everyone from Virgil Abloh to Nick Wooster has been spotted trying it this summer, and it was the definitive street style takeout from last week’s menswear shows in New York.

nyfw-men-tyler-joe-day3-131.jpgWhat’s more, it’s not going anywhere soon. If tucking a T-shirt seems like a stretch, the Autumn Winter 2017 collections battled the case for tucking in anything that’ll fit – whether hoodies at Liam Hodges, jumpers at Salvatore Ferragamo or even bomber jackets at Marni. It’s part of a movement away from the grungy, oversized clothing of recent years towards a neater, more studied approach to dressing. Plus, with the runaway success of logo tees by the likes of Gucci, Vetements and Saint Laurent means that the humble T-shirt is enjoying an elevated status once again. Wearing one tucked in means it’ll work with an unstructured suit, in place of a button-down shirt.


Getting it right is all about the T-shirt you choose. The shape is key: though, counterintuitively, a fitted model won’t necessarily be the most flattering, as it’s more likely to cling around your chest and create the impression of man boobs. Instead, try a slightly looser style, especially if you’re not blessed with a rippling core – the fabric will skim your middle, instead of sticking a target on it. The length of the tee is also important: anything too short or boxy is likely to come loose, and look messy. You want to be able to lean forward without it riding up and revealing a flash of your underwear waistband (that’s one nineties styling trick that doesn’t need a comeback).


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