A Little Love Goes A Long Way, 1961 Triumph TR4


Set your thoughts to a dark, ramshackle Kentucky tobacco barn, covered in a discolored sheet sitting dormant after 40 years of storage, this 1961 Triumph TR4 — a sports car produced by the British Triumph Motor Company from 1961 to 1965 — has been give a new lease of life to run like it just came drove out of the factory for the first time.

After five years at the talented hands of restorer Danny Morton from Sterling British Motoring Society in Kentucky, the disheveled Triumph now flaunts modern appeal with a deep coat of black paint, complemented by black wire wheels and a clean, bumper-less look on the body, with a side profile to shame even the most beautiful of modern sports cars.


With a rebuilt original engine is slightly bored-out for extra shove and driving pleasure, while the twin sidedraft SU carburetors are tuned well to provide a mountain of driving power. Inside, you are greeted by custom red leather cabin breaks up the sea of shiny black sheetmetal, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the car.

While the goal was not to create a new Triumph, the restorer wanted the look of an original car that has been loved and upgraded over the years gone by. With that said, many of the trim and interior components are originals, bring a sense of authenticity to the car that perfectly blends originality with heritage.

Priced at $39,995 you can learn more about it here.


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