It’s Time You Suited Up

Manners maketh the man, well that and a sharp suit and sharper hair-do, according to Brits. But let’s be honest most young men hate the idea of having to wear a suit every day and instead prefer to take shelter in the trend we’ve seen over recent years, with a rise in the dressed-down approach in the working environment, but most men still find it challenging to make a great impression in casual clothing. If anything, the trend towards sportswear worn as the everyday uniform has helped to elevate the status of the tailored suit.

Men’s tailoring brand Moss Bros are looking to make a change with their ‘Suit Up Britain Campaign’. The study created by men’s tailoring retailer takes a look at the traits that define the modern gentleman. The study revealed that being respectful, polite and kind are important above all else, and over a third think a good sense of style is vital to today’s sophisticated man of the world. According to 58 per cent of the 2,000 Brits, a modern gentleman can most likely be spotted by the cut of their perfectly tailored suit, and 41 per cent believe they could pick a true gent out of the crowd by the way he grooms his hair.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros., the men’s tailoring retailer which commissioned the study to support its Suit Up Britain campaign, said:

“It’s never been more important to make a fantastic impression, whether in the workplace, out on the town, or to a potential new romantic partner. With a few behavioural changes, a mindful attitude and a modern tailored look, the aspirational lifestyle of the modern gent is within British men’s grasp”.

And we’d agree, adopting a tailored approach to your wardrobe helps you to create a fine balance between everyday comfort and subtle style. Which will help to elevate not only your position in the office but also at those after work drinks with colleagues or first-time date helping you find inner confidence whilst admitting to yourself that yes, you are now an adult. With this in mind, we decided to create a list of our favourite top 5 best suit-wearing celebrities, if nothing else, a quick viewing of these tailored gentlemen will make even the grungiest of us want to scroll through the pages of websites such as Moss Bros or MrPorter. Go on, it’s time to suit up.




1. David Beckham



2. Daniel Craig



3. George Clooney



4. Prince William

405 (1)


5. Ryan Gosling



The Suit Up Britain collection launches in August across Moss Bros. stores nationwide and online at


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