Elevation 2.0 By Thirdspace

Third Space, London’s elite fitness facility has created a new challenge for its members and visitors. As the only club in the Capital with a sealed, low-oxygen Hypoxic Chamber, offering its members the opportunity to experience high altitude training without having to leave Central London. Thirdspace bring you the Elevation Challenge 2.0 at Third Space Soho. Last year the inaugural Elevation Challenge pushed London’s toughest competitors to breaking point, and for 2017 the elite centre has created a challenge that is unlike anything else that can be found in the UK.

_40I0256World-class professional athletes such as Mo Farah incorporate altitude training into their conditioning programmes. Research shows that training in conditions with reduced oxygen levels increases power and speed, enhances endurance and stamina, and reduces recovery times. The Hypoxic Chamber is a great training tool – transforming a normal one-hour workout at sea-level into a 15 minute, high-intensity session. A complete full body workout in a quarter of the time, making it the perfect option for time poor savvy Londoners. It’s an experience only for those prepared to push their body to the limit.

_40I1542With the altitude set to set to 3000m above-sea-level, participants will have to conquer an 800ft Versa Climber, cycle 1.5km on a Watt Bike, complete a 50m Skill Mill Sled Push and finish with a 1km Woodway run at a testing 2% incline. Third Space’s highly trained staff will be on hand to provide support throughout, and to ensure that there isn’t any cheating, but also to provide expert encouragement to make it to the end.

_40I1545Running until 30th September the challenge is open to Third Space members, non-members, however, are only able to participate if a member has complete the challenge themselves and then nominate the next person of their choice via social media. A £10 fee is required to take part in the Elevation Challenge 2.0, with all money raised being donated to the winners chosen charity at the end. The fastest male and fastest female who have posted their performance on social media using #ElevationChallenge, will be announced on 30th September 2017. The winning participants will receive a 6-month complimentary membership each. So, are you tough enough?

To book your place into the Elevation Challenge 2.0 click here.


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