The Journal: Tom Joy – Photographer

Photography is a beautiful thing done well, many try and fail to make a career out of it, but a select few make a successful career shooting beautiful models and creative campaigns for the world’s brands. We sat down for the first edition of ‘The Journal’ with photographer Mr.Tom Joy to find out his favourite things in life, originally from Aberdeen and now based between Leeds and London, Tom is one of the best ‘up and coming’ photographers of the day.

1) How did you start your career?
It really started in club night photography and I quickly latched onto shooting for small independent clothing brands. This all happened from around 2010. I was in University back home in Aberdeen, doing graphic design until mid-2013 and I then moved to Leeds on a total whim two weeks after graduation. I’ve been full time since then.
2) Explain your career and your role.
I am a freelance commercial photographer. At least that’s what I try to say when folk ask. One pal once suggested I should state something like “I capture people in motion” as it’s a strength in my portfolio.
My role is basically the one man band: I’m shooting a lot but then there’s editing, processing, meetings, backing up work, planning, accounts, admin, emails, social media (yes that takes time..) and generally staying on top of everything else. I try to fit a social life in and as much exercise in between where I can!
Food & Drink:

Dish: Ramen, and anything with hummus.

Beer: Northern monk’s Heathen IPA.

Restaurant: Leeds based: Ambiente, Ox club, Suhkothai.

Bar: Leeds: Northern monk refectory, north bar, Blind Tyger.

Style Icon (Dead or alive): None.

Childhood Hero: Chester Bennington, Colin Jackson (UK sprint hurdler), Jim Carrey.

Actor: Jim Carrey, Matthew McConaughey, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt – all legends.

Photographer/Artist: Joey L, Gregory Crewdson.
Tech: Current:

Current Phone: iPhone 6S

Current Laptop: MacBook Pro 15″

Current Sound System: Laptop, speakers, I use Amazons echo dot via Spotify.

Form Of Transport Day to Day: Walking mostly, cycling when I can.
Tools Of The Trade: Current

Current Camera: Canon 5D MKIV

Editing Suite: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop

Headphones: apples own in-ear or Sudio Sweden inner ear or headphones.

BackPack: Camera bag: ThinkTank Shape shifter, day bag: DSPTCH daypack, heavy lifting: North Face medium duffel or North Face 80L rolling thunder.

Added Extras: I use a paper diary / schedule and write into it using pen. It 2017 yo. I’ve been using an instax mini 8 all year taking one shot every day for a personal documentary. My loupe has become a trade mark for reviewing photos on location on the back of my camera screen. If I’m on a shoot you’ll see it around my neck from start to finish unless I’m tethered to laptop.

Style: (Current Favs – own or not)

Sneakers: Old Skool Vans.

Jeans/Chinos: Nike SB black slim fit pants, dickies camo pants dickies shorts.

Shirt: Anything by Carhartt.

T-Shirt: Dickies basic t-shirts.

Shorts: Dickies or Carhartt.

– Jacket: a bright red water proof collared Raised By Wolves jacket that I adore.

Sunglasses: tens! They ‘filter my world’ – seriously it is like when Bradley Cooper took that drug in Limitless.


Travel/ Culture:

Hotel: Airbnb almost every time!

Destination: Iceland and NYC tie closely. Scotland is always my closest retreat/escape.

Packing Essentials: Camera, Cash, plug adapter, external phone charger pack, external hardrive, laptop, sunscreen, glasses, hat, iPod (my classic Gen. 5 is still going strong!) headphones and a book. Maybe some saved episodes of something via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Book: Foxcatcher by Mark Shultz.

Film: Whiplash – hands down one of my favourite films.



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