Days spent basking in the faint sunlight, before gathering around a campfire on those first chilly evenings. Time for new beginnings – or perhaps rekindling old friendships. Thats what inspired the MISMO collection for AW17, namely their original singular cotton canvas Legacy bags, which marked the beginning of their journey a decade ago.
This time round, the untamed outdoors sets the scene. With a return to their foundation: in rugged army/dark brown, solid midnight blue/cuoio and bold khaki/black, these hard-woven canvas styles, fitted with solid brass hardware and leather trims, truly punch above their weight.
Their subtle colour combos offer a world of ease and sophistication. Originally developed for the Italian army, the water repellent treated, the tight-woven canvas will happily conquer anything nature throws at us while venturing into the wild. Capturing the seasonal spirit, AW17 was lensed on a windswept day by photographer Anders Overgaard at the seaside hotel Helenekilde Badehotel in North Sealand, Denmark, enveloped by dramatic cliffs and coastal dunes.

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