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Jeremy Kirkland knows a thing or two about style. Having spent years as the marketing director at The Armoury in New York City, the freelance writer and e-commerce genius has made countless friends in the fashion industry. In an effort to share their stories and influence with a greater audience, Kirkland last year launched a weekly podcast called Blamo!, now in its third season, where he interviews the creatives shaping men’s style. Previous guests include everyone from JJ Redick to Sid Mashburn, and upcoming episodes will feature interviews with Nick Wooster and David Coggins. Kirkland below tell us about his work with Blamo!, and what style brands he’s currently obsessing over.

Blamo-Podcast-Interview-gear-patrol-full-lead (1).jpg

First things first. How did Blamo! start?

I wish there was a better story to this, but it started as a personal project. The end goal was to document and share the stories of friends I’ve made in my time working in the fashion industry. We’ve all come from somewhere else and so many people forget the hustle that’s integral to these roles.

Who was your favourite guest to interview so far?

I think hearing Tommy Ton’s story was really special. He didn’t wait for anything to happen first, he didn’t spend time trying to get an agent or making sure his “personal brand” was ready — he just went out, on his own, every day and took pictures of people he admired in fashion. Never trying to earn the approval of anyone else. He just pursued his craft. I think the kind of work ethic is often unnoticed and it meant a lot to hear his candor.

Who is your dream guest?

The King! Ralph Lauren.

What’s the most difficult aspect of creating a podcast?

The hardest part is just staying consistent! It’s actually why I ended up breaking the show up into seasons. The time off allows me record more podcasts and continue to improve the quality of the pod! Talking to folks about men’s style is easy – it’s always been a passion of mine.

Several men’s style publications have started podcasts of their own. GQ Style, for example. Why do you think people are so attracted to the medium today?

The podcast medium has exploded over the years thanks to shows like WTF with Marc Maron and Serial. I think the format works perfect for everyones’ on-demand lifestyle. Now a days, it’s a great way for brands and people to engage with their audience in a very intimate and unique way. Sidenote, one of the best podcasts ever was a podcast called Analyze Phish with the late Harris Wittels. He was a huge Phish fan explaining the band to his friend Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang) who had never listened to them. Some of the best comedy ever.

Outside of Blamo!, your personal style is pretty great. Which brands are you currently excited about?

I’m always a massive fan of everything Engineered Garments makes. They’re one of the few brands that you can always buy and you never want to get rid of. I have stuff from ’06 that I still wear today. I’ve also picked up some pieces from Atelier and Repairs, which was started by Maurizio Donadi. I love how all of their products are upcycled. Killer stuff.










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