Worlds Fastest Men Almost Broke The 2-Hr Marathon

National Geographic and Nike have teamed up to release a new feature-length documentary following three athletes as they attempted to break the 2-hour marathon earlier this year.

The marathon, called the Breaking2 project, saw Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa (two-time Boston Marathon winner), Eritrean Zersenay Tadese (half-marathon record holder) and Eliud Kipchoge (the Olympic gold medalist and Kenyan superstar widely considered the best runner in the world) attempt to run 26.2 miles at an average pace of 4 minutes and 34 seconds per mile.

The project, which was sponsored by Nike, was widely dismissed as impossible by critics and experts before the event. It’s not a spoiler (the event was broadcast live to millions via Nike’s Facebook account back in May) to say that neither of the three men broke two hours, but nobody could’ve foreseen just how close one of them would come.

Nat Geo’s new documentary follows each of the athletes as they prepare for the event, and in doing so offers up honest lessons in commitment, failure and cutting-edge training techniques.



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