Right On Time, Watches For AW17

With the rise of ‘smartwatches’ gone are the days when you would wear a timepiece purely to accompany an outfit, show wealth or in some workplaces authority. But we say the good old analogue has its place and with more and more people wanting to ‘switch off’ from tech the beauty of an elegantly handmade timepiece will always dominate over its so-called smarter rivals. We took a look at some of the best watches this season and picked a handful of favourites so you guys know exactly what’s what. From the gym to dinner we’ve got you covered on the top must-haves for AW17.


Best For Dinner & Drinks: Seiko SARB043 ‘Cocktail Time’ 

P8102184Back in 2010, Seiko unknowingly launched a cult classic to the Japanese market, the SARB043, now colloquially referred to among enthusiasts as ‘cocktail time’. Now discontinued, the Japanese behemoth has decided to reinvent the Cocktail Time for the global market under its Presage line as the SRPB43. Measuring in at a contemporary 40.5mm and with a fantastically prominent domed crystal, the Cocktail Time really becomes a fusion of 60’s-esque design and modern-day formation, yet is just subtle enough to remain unpretentious. The diameter is maybe too large to be considered as a full-blown dress watch, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s adaptive enough to work just as well in the boardroom as it is in, well, a cocktail bar. At under £350, you will be hard-pressed to find a watch of such quality and versatility of which the Cocktail Time offers. £340, Available Seikousa.com


Best For Understated Perfection: IWC Timezoner Chronograph

IMG_0957IWC are one of our favourite watchmakers out there and a lot of the time completely underestimated. The Pilots Watch Timezoner Chronograph is a watch perfect in every way. In order to set the watch to another time zone, the wearer simply needs to push down the bezel, turn it to the desired time zone and let it go – the hour hand, 24-hour day/night display and the date automatically move with the bezel. IWC’s engineers brought together three technologies. The first of these is the city ring found on the Pilot’s Watch Worldtimer, on which the name of each city stands for one of the international time zones. The second technology is the spring-mounted rotating bezel, first used in the Porsche Design Ocean 2000 from the 1980s, which can only be moved if pressure is applied simultaneously on two diametrically opposing sides. This prevents accidental resetting of the time zone. The third technology is the external/internal rotating bezel taken from the Aquatimer, which transmits the movement of the bezel via a differential gear to the hour wheel, 24-hour hand and date advance wheel. This time-piece is perfect in every way and ideal for the frequent fliers among us. £11,900, Available IWC.com


Best For Impressing The Boss: Vintage 1968 Rolex Two-Tone Datejust

zw-111154w.jpgQuintessential classic. The Datejust is a really great watch. Classic and elegant, it can be worn with anything and by anyone, and never goes out of style. This one is sure to impress anyone, especially the boss, showing you appreciate not only a classic timepiece, but that age knows no boundaries. You can’t argue with this one and neither will they. But keep in mind you’ll have to do some digging and research to get your hands on one of these in good condition. Average £3,200, Available hqmilton.com, selected resellers

Best For Everyday: Rotary Henley Black


An affordable choice and perfect for everyday wear. The robust Henley GMT with 41.5mm diameter case boasts a scratch-resistant ceramic uni-directional bezel, sapphire glass and stainless steel 3-link bracelet with deployment clasp. The red arrow tip hour hand, which takes 24 hours to complete a full sweep of the dial, can be set independently from the main hour hand allowing a second time zone to be displayed and the rotating bezel enables a third-time zone to be calculated, perfect for the international jetsetter and those who simply want a beautiful looking all-rounder.
£265, Available Rotarywatches.com


Best For Cheap And Cheerful: Timex MK1 ALUMINUM

TimexWatches_EndHighDefinition_Image2(imagechange) (3).jpgDon’t have a lot of cash to splash on a watch? No worries. A contemporary version of the iconic MK1 timepiece; the MK1 Aluminum. The original MK1 was produced as part of a bid to win a US Government contract in 1982. Made for a very short period of time to standards that destined it to be a true throw-away watch, the original timepiece (the Timex Mil-W-46374B) is now a hard to find collector’s item. The MK1 Aluminum aims to provide a sleek, polished update, with a nod towards TIMEX’s storied past. A reinterpretation of an iconic style from the TIMEX Archives, the watches’ case body is constructed using aluminium, ensuring that the light-weight nature of original MK1 remains. Utilising a grade of aluminium usually reserved for architectural applications the new MK1 is a strong, light-weight timepiece that most importantly looks great on the wrist. This is a watch that is perfect for everyday use and at a price of £55, it’s not exactly going to break the bank. Exclusively available END 


Best For Outdoor Activities: Pro Trek WSD-F20

WSD_F20_maki_OR.jpgThe WSD-F20 Smartwatch is the latest addition to the PRO TREK brand of outdoor watches by Casio. Equipped with built-in low-power GPS and colour map functionality, it supports a wide range of outdoor and water activities and can be used in areas without cellular service. Richly-designed and easy-to-read map data can be downloaded in advance and used with GPS data to track the user’s location and add markers, even when offline. Button guards, a protective bezel, and ergonomic side buttons enhance operability and toughness, solidifying the WSD-F20’s status as the ultimate companion for the great outdoors. £450, Available Casio.co.uk 


Special thanks to IdleSociety contributor Luke Marr.

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