Adidas Is Now Making Specialized Shoes For People In Different Cities

Runners in London are different than runners in New York City, those in New York City, different to those in Los Angeles and so on. In the British capital, a lot of commuters run to and from work, which means they run early in the morning or later at night, often in rainy weather. Runners in the Big Apple tend to be more intense: longer, faster runs on the city’s concrete grid.

This week Adidas has unveiled the first major project completed at its SPEEDFACTORY headquarters in Germany. Per Adidas, SPEEDFACTORY is “a facility that will allow Adidas to explore, test and co-create with consumers, as well as constantly invent and reinvent design and define the future of how the brand creates.”

The AM4 series centres around individually designed and manufactured shoes that Adidas will release across six key cities around the world. First on the list is the Made for London AM4, specifically created for the English Capital.

Adidas looked to a group of consumers from the city in order to become more knowledgeable about the specific demands of runners in London, thus implementing what they learned into the design of the shoe. You can look for the Made for London AM4 to arrive October 26.


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