The Weatherproof Winter Sneakers From North 89

It’s strange to think that there was a life before sneakers. Or a life before sneakers as we now know them, that is. What did we all wear day-in-day-out before sneakers? Or a more haunting thought; where did you have to go to buy a pair of all-leather luxury sneakers a few years back? Come to think of it, actually no, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.


Today, sneakers are not a ‘style sensation’ or a comfortable choice of footwear, but a crucial part of our everyday wardrobe. Which is why we need our sneakers to be a little bit more durable than before. It’s a calling that not many brands have managed to answer, but Swedish-based North 89 has succeeded in doing so with its all-new weather-proof collection of winter sneakers.



The all-new North 89 capsule collection is built on a seasonal range of sneakers that fuses serious weatherproof functionality with a modern, minimal aesthetic. Quite a combination. Where high-top sneakers and ‘sneakerboots’ have failed, North 89 have found a way to offer practical winter sneakers without compromise. North 89’s signature models the No.1 and No.2 combine high-grade textile uppers with suede detailing and reflective sole stitching. Available in warm winter hues of BlackBlueberryEbonyAsh and Midnight – North 89’s new weather-proof upper is complemented by matching waxed cotton laces, a full calfskin lining and a rugged Italian Margom cupsole with a full memory foam insole.


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