Kelly Oubre Wears Supreme On Court, World Goes Mad

It shouldn’t really be a big deal when an NBA player wears a shooting sleeve during a game. Unless it’s a Supreme shooting sleeve.. worn on his leg. Yes, we know.

Washington Wizards small forward Kelly Oubre did exactly that on Tuesday night against the Nets, and what better place to do it than in Brooklyn, home of the latest Supreme store?


This isn’t the first time an athlete has stepped out to play in a piece of hyped clothing. Nate Robinson famously wore a pair of YEEZY 2s during an NBA game and Nick Young has rocked a pair of Supreme x Nike Foamposite Ones, and a pair of the OG YEEZY 750s, while playing.

As expected, Twitter was a firesale of reactions, not just to the fact that Oubre was wearing a Supreme piece on the court, but also to the fact that, instead of wearing it on his arm —like you’re supposed to — he wore it on his leg. Modern-day news people, you’ve got to love it.


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