Aznom SerpaS By Camal Studio.

Italian car designer Camal introduces a futuristic car with a nostalgic appeal in the SerpaS project. SerpaS, which translates to “Snake” was originally commissioned by Aznom of Monza, well known for the customization of special cars and creation of luxury accessories. Its specs include a 2.6-liter V8 engine capable of 358 horsepower at 10,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 204 lb-ft, all under 2,000 lbs.


By 2020 the SerpaS is expected to be available with a conventional propulsion system. It’s Aznom crafted leather and carbon fiber interior pulls inspiration from modern vintage Italian vehicles. The cockpit and deflector is carbon fiber as well as the front splitter, rear diffuser, and engine hatch. Due to its reduced height, has no doors, making the car a climb over vehicle. Future customers will also receive access to an “Experience” package that includes guided tours of the workshop and a driving course on the Monza circuit once they make preorders.


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