Style Moves You Should Steal From David Beckham

David Beckham is almost annoyingly stylist. And his laid-back sense of style is a huge part of that. The guy – or his mrs – knows what looks good and is comfortable all at the same time. Of course, the tattoos always help! We take a look at some of his key styles and the best takeaways.



Beckham is all about clothes that fit him well. The perfectly tailored jeans and not-too-big tee make this outfit feel purposeful, not lazy.




A camel-coloured suit is not quite as conventional as grey and navy, but it wears just as easily. Take a cue from Beckham and keep the rest of the outfit classic.



If you want to get into the hat game, it’s worth your time to figure out your face shape. Beckham’s square jawline lends itself easily to a wide-brimmed hat.



If you’re trying to avoid a dress shirt under a blazer, a crewneck sweater in the same colour as your suit is an easy option.



Beckham knows classics aren’t boring. Adding your own personal touches—like a ring, a pocket square, a stellar head of hair—make the look your own.



Really, all he’s wearing is a crewneck sweatshirt (from his own label Kent & Curwen), jeans, and a watch. But the sweatshirt stands out just a bit, and the jeans are perfectly distressed. Small details like those make a big difference.



We all know Beckham’s style obviously leans into the athletic universe, but he always finds a way to make it different. A long-hem Adidas jacket is one way to do it.



Be excited! Wear bright red hats and gum-sole sneakers! (And keep a good stock of slim denim and puffer jackets.)



Here’s an example of how having a reliably good sense of style allows you to take risks others might not pull off. Trucker hats are certainly not for everybody.


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