Lightweight Jackets For SS18 From Barbour

Summer is coming, but with the great British weather as it is who knows what’s going to happen. That’s why the staple jacket of any man’s wardrobe Barbour have created a line of jackets with a new special blend of waxes and oils. Barbour’s Lightweight 4oz waxed garments provide a high level of protection from wind and rain yet weigh around 30% less than Barbour’s traditional waxed cotton jackets.


The jackets are made from American medium staple and Pima cotton fibre spun into a  high-quality yarn to create a strong, pristine cotton fabric that is both lightweight and robust. Dyed and finished in Scotland by Halley Stevensons – one of the leading wax
suppliers – the jackets come with cotton linings, lightweight corduroy collars, zips
and other trims to further reduce the weight.


Barbour Lightweight Ashby MWX1351SN31_ Barbour Neuston Twill Short MTR0468OL19_Barbour Capstan MFO0304BE32 - CAMPAIGN.jpg

Like all Barbour waxed products, the Lightweight 4oz waxed jackets can be rewaxed,
either by returning to Barbour’s customer services or rewaxing at home using a
special tin of lightweight 4oz wax. Yet another great addition to the Barbour family and a great autumn piece for any guys wardrobe.

See the full collection here


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