ThirdSpace Are Leading The Way With New Crossfit Inspired Class

Looking to switch up the boring pace you’ve set yourself already with your ‘New Year New You’ promise? Don’t worry, Third Space, London’s luxury fitness chain has introduced a new signature class for 2018 called ‘The WOD’ that will work you harder then the dank, cold military fitness class you signed yourself you to.

Compiled by the most highly sought-after PT’s in the UK, ‘The WOD’ delivers a unique Metcon experience that continually changes, whilst also incorporating the competition and spirit of group training.


A reflection of the growing demand for Metabolic Conditioning Training (Metcon), The WOD displays Third Space’s commitment to ensuring that training is a lifestyle choice and never a begrudging obligation. The WOD element of the class will be devised by a different member of the elite team at Third Space, each with specific areas of expertise:

  • The ‘SJ WOD’ by Fat Burning and Weight Loss specialist, Seb James
  • The ‘Worthington WOD’ by Biomechanics expert and Nike Trainer, Luke Worthington
  • The ‘Steph WOD’ created by Olympic Powerlifting, & CrossFit enthusiast Stephanie Whitehead
  • The ‘GT WOD’ from Strength and Body Sculpting coach George Toohey


 Each class has been devised to keep the sessions refreshing and motivating, with members’ results being posted on ‘The WOD’ leaderboard in each Third Space club. Classes will be held twice a week across all Third Space clubs in London.


Visit for more details.


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