How To: Wear A Hoodie Like A Grown-Up

That’s right,  you are not dreaming. The hoodie – of skate-park, shopping-mall and looking-for-trouble fame – is one of the latest sportswear items to have received the big-fashion push. But what hasn’t been updated is our knowledge of how to wear it (and, you know, not look like you’ve simply been raiding your teenage nephew’s closet). But here’s the how-to for adults.

Off-Duty Look


When it comes to sweats of any stripe, there’s always something particularly appealing about varieties in classic grey marl. The standard-issue fabric has an FBI-agent-in-training, army surplus feel to it. In this outfit, those associations have been played up with the addition of an olive green parka, and then given a more contemporary, stylish, edge with the addition of a denim jacket. The end result feels authentic and utilitarian.


Update That Trench Coat


As wonderful as it might be for fending off the rain, the classic trench coat (as perfected by British brand Burberry) is not the warmest of garments. Add a bit of insulation to yours by wearing it with a hoodie underneath. As demonstrated by the fashion week attendee above, this bright white hoodie from Noah is a particularly crisp option.



Mix Tradition With Modernism


Yes, Mr Kanye West did it first, but the whole hoodie-and-overcoat look has been since aped so many times that it’s now a familiar sight. What’s particularly good about the above combination of jerseywear and outerwear, though, is the contrast between the slick, modern, minimal design of the hoodie itself and the more traditional houndstooth check of the coat. It’s a clash of sartorial idioms, from which both garments emerge winners.



Add Some Colour

As the hoodie has a tendency to peek out from underneath whatever you wear on top of it, it’s a particularly good way to inject some colour into an otherwise sober outfit, without setting the whole thing tumbling off into silly territory. Here, this technique has been effected with the aid of a quilted jacket from UK designer Craig Green, for which, of course, we will have to award several points of extra kudos.



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