The Interview: The Guy Next Door, From The NHL To 2018’s Most In-Demand Model

Wes Myron, he looks like your typical guy next door. Great brunette hair, chiselled abs and the clean white t-shirt to match. It’s a name that you’ve probably not heard before unless that is, you’re an avid follower of the National Hockey League in the US & Canada, but the name is now more synonymous with the fashion world than sports as of 2018.

Wes Myron is a Canadian born 25-year old residing in the picturesque province of British Columbia, Canada. A part of the world known more for its simplistic beauty and outdoor culture, and less so its superstars and models. But Mr.Wes Myron has recently changed that idea with his shot to fame across the international press from London to New York as the “one to watch for 2018”.  No, the former Vancouver Canucks team member isn’t making a hockey comeback, but rather entering the equally brutal industry – that will also break bodies and self-esteem – modelling. Mr.Myron has been named the face of the International Fashion Show and will be the lead face of the males in shows across the globe in 2018. Now with big brands and modelling agencies knocking at his door to sign him, we took a few minutes of the busy Canadian’s time to discuss what he thinks of making the transition from NHL to modelling and what the future holds.


IS: So you’ve been named male face of The International Fashion Show, how do you feel about that? And do you feel a lot of pressure leading the floor for the show across the globe?

WM: When I was told I was named the face of IFS my first thought was “what is this all about” Since it wasn’t something I signed up for or knew about. After getting in touch with the IFS team and seeing all the extensive media coverage its all very exciting! I don’t feel any pressure because I think a fashion show is about the entire spectacle and not just an individual in it. But, I’m sure there will be some nerves in the lead up because I have never been apart of anything like this.

IS: People sometimes have misconceptions about models, seeing as you’re also a business owner how do you feel we can help change those misconceptions?

WM: I have been thrust into the modelling world and quickly brought up to speed. Like any job, the hard work that goes in is what you will get out. I have a lot of respect for the organisation, sacrifice and dedication models bring to their profession.


IS: How do you find making the transition from Hockey Pro to model? Are there any similarities in the businesses?

WM: I was fortunate to leave hockey with a full set of teeth, which has made for a much easier transition haha. But all jokes aside, the people skills I learnt through my hockey journey have been super helpful in navigating this next chapter of my life!

IS: You’re obviously in great shape! Being an ex-Hockey pro must help; Walk us through your routine.

WM: The routine has changed a lot since my hockey days, that being said any routine requires setting goals and having the drive to continuously go after them. It’s nice not having to carry around all the extra weight that was required to play hockey, not to mention the constant work to fix and stay ahead of injuries as best as I possibly could. My routine is now more about a look I need to have, instead of physical performance. But all in all my main focus is a healthy well-rounded lifestyle!

IS: Talk us through your diet, do you miss out on all the good stuff?

WM: Diet is a huge part of the routine. I’d agree with most people when they say that our bodies are more so made in the kitchen than in the gym! I enjoy a high fat, quality protein and veggie filled diet with some carbs. As far as “the good stuff” goes, I don’t miss out too much, and love to go out for food and drinks with friends!

IS: When it comes to everyday attire, what are your go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

WM: My business calls for a lot of sportswear but I have a pretty large hat and shoe collections!


IS: You’ve already received some attention in the media, what are your plans for 2018? Are we going to be seeing your face everywhere like a male version of Emily Ratajkowski?

WM: My business has been strong since launch and I hope to continue that trend for 2018 and longer. As far as modelling goes, I’m excited to ride this wave and all the amazing opportunities that come with it! I want to position myself to have a long career and I’m enjoying every step of the process. 

IS: If you could have dinner with one celebrity dead or alive who would it be?

WM: Ahh, that’s a tough one! I’m going to say, Kobe Bryant. I’ve always admired his relentless drive, amazing work ethic and practice habits! I’d love to pick his brain on dealing with adversary because he’s gone through it time and time again, but he always seems to come out on top! Also excited to see what he does after basketball. I see he’s already won an Oscar haha.

Want to see more of Wes? Follow him on Instagram: @Wes.Myron

The international Fashion Show kicks off May 25th, first stop, LONDON and the Rosewood Hotel more information here.


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