GTA V The Highest Grossing Media Title In History

As Market Watch reports, Grand Theft Auto V is now the single-highest “media title in history.”

Having generated $6 billion USD in sales, GTA V easily bests its closest competitor, Call of Duty, and manages to surpass the figures delivered by big-ticket blockbusters like Star Wars. Since its 2013 release, the fifth Grand Theft Auto has also sold an impressive 90 million units.

“I think maybe with the exception something Nintendo has made—Mario Brothers—but aside from that there’s never been a console game that’s sold so many units,” veteran entertainment and media analyst Doug Creutz tells Market Watch.

“Videogames are a much better business than [movie] studios,” adds KeyBanc analyst Evan Wingren. “Games”, in general, have the enviable position that their content is interactive, which allows them to make data-driven insights and adjust games and business models that benefit players and the company.”

Market Watch‘s entire report is available for reading now.


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