The Superyacht Built For Adventure

Here at IdleSoceity we’re big fans of content created by Gentleman’s Journal and their latest offering is just another perfect example.

Photography is a demanding, but immeasurably rewarding, profession. Travelling the world chasing that one perfect moment, lining up a unique shot and timing your shutter finger to a fraction of a second to get the shot. It’s a challenge, but one made easier with the right equipment.

And we’re not talking lenses or lighting. We’re talking explorer yachts. These incredible vessels, kitted out to brave the most uncharted of waters, have opened up the ocean to adventurers around the world — and none are so capable, or luxurious, as Planet Nine.

The latest short film by Gentleman’s Journal partnered with this explorer yacht, available for charter through Edmiston, to show the endless possibilities this new breed of luxury vessels presents. And not only is she picture perfect herself, Planet Nine can also help someone with a globe-trotting job, like a professional photographer, see the world as nobody ever has.

But don’t worry — even if you don’t live your life through a lens, explorer yachts will help you set sail on an adventure of your own.



The video and content above are originals from Gentleman’s Journal. 


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