Bjorn Borg, Chasing Exerhighs

What happens when we exercise? Well in short… Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain, as well as increasing muscle size and definition through weight training.  Essentially, when you start exercising, you release feel-good endorphins that make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings. It’s like a high, without the illegal drugs. The effects of exercise can be simple things like not being winded walking up stairs or increased strength. However, that’s a pretty boring explanation, Bjorn Borg have well, they’ve made it a little more fun.

To celebrate their new collection Bjorn Borg’s campaign kicks off with trippy films and images showing the euphoria of ‘Exerhighs’ told through visual explosions of fantasy. Chase the Exerhighs rolls out on all Björn Borg main markets. Behind the high chasing concept is the creative agency NORD DDB. Visually we can only imagine this is what many people that hit their teens and early 20’s in the 1980s felt like tripping on acid. 


Check out one of the brands trippy videos above and head over to to explore the full collection.


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