Under Armour Show Us ‘Will Makes Us Family’

Training, in the gym on the field or on the track. It means something different to everyone, but lays the foundation for excellent performance no matter the sport or fitness goal. Our favourite activewear brand, Under Armour’s DNA is rooted in training and increasing performance for every individual. It’s new global Train campaign, “Will Makes Us Family,” is Under Armour’s modern expression of training and its commitment to empower athletes at all levels to be the best in their game. The film uses some of UA’s top athletes including NFL quarterback Cam Newton, Heavy-weight Champion Anthony Joshua and Jordan Speith to name a few.

The “Will Makes Us Family” film premiers athletes from different sports with everyday athletes to showcase their common unwavering WILL to chase their goals no matter the hurdles. Viewers are given unfiltered access into these athletes’ training, to observe first-hand the effort that goes into perfecting their sport. The brand continues its tradition of providing consumers with the world’s best, most innovative performance products with its new line of Training gear released along with this campaign – Perpetual, Vanish and Weather Protection.

We think this is yet another home run from our friends over at UA.


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