Christmas Gifts Worth Receiving

The Travel Bag:
Maison Kitsune X Eastpak Cabin Bag 

A must have for any fashion conscious traveller, the Maison Kitsuné X Eastpak collaboration is a must have.
£160.00, Available:

The Gym Gear 1.0: 
Bjorn Borg ‘Borg Tee & August Shorts’ 

Like to look as good walking into the gym as you would walking into a party? Bjorn Borg offer a hi-spec, clean and minimal sportswear collection for the man who doesn’t play by the rules. The collection makes people aware you’re cut above the usual meatheads.
Tee: £25.00, Shorts £32.00, Available

The Gym Gear 2.0:
Under Armour Athlete Recovery Bottoms & Speed Stride 1/4 Zip 

One of our favourite brands here at IdleSociety, UnderArmour are our go-to for all things fitness. This great set will keep you warm and toasty around the house or on your way to the gym. 
Top: £42.00, Tracksuit Bottoms: £135.00, Available

The Jacket: 
Filippa K Lucien Front Runner 

Inspired by the slow speeds of nature, this 100% recycled coat is sustainably made from plastic bottles to last for a decade or longer – then it can be fully recycled into the same material from which it was made. The Lucien Front Runner is timeless in style and a simple and elegant shape for any man’s wardrobe. £270.00, Available

The Headphones 1.0: 
Bang & Olufsen
B&O Play E8 Wireless Headphones 

Bang & Olufsen‘s ‘E8’ rubber and aluminium earphones are expertly tuned by the brands in-house engineers and optimised with four spare ear tips so you can achieve a perfect fit. They come with a sleek leather charging case that’ll keep them secure when not in use, and if you need to hear your surroundings then you can connect them with the ‘Beoplay’ app for its signature ‘Transparency Mode’. These are truly brilliant and the only gift for a music lover. £269.00, Available

The Headphones 2.0: 
Urbanears Plattan 2 BT

A slightly cheaper option when it comes to bluetooth headphones, but they’re just as good as the expensive cans out there when it comes to sound quality. Robust and comfortable these are a commuters dream. 
£89.99, Available

The Tracker:
WHOOP Performance Platform

WHOOP is the ultimate wearable technology and performance platform. Designed to help fitness enthusiasts and athletes understand their bodies at the most granular level. Included in the platform is the minimalist lightweight, and waterproof WHOOP Strap 2.0 that samples 5 key metrics 100x/second and has 2-day battery life. The Strap is paired via Bluetooth to the WHOOP app which gives daily insight and analysis into a user’s Recovery, Strain, and Sleep data to help maximize performance. The platform gives insight into when a user is ready to push themselves or if their body needs rest in addition to insight on sleep quality and optimal times to sleep to meet performance goals.
Membership starts $30.00 per month + Free strap, Available

The Drink: 
Chivas Whiskey Blending Kit

A perfect Christmas gift, Chivas whiskey blending kit is a total winner on every level you can imagine. Real whiskey buff or just like new things to try? Its perfect for you. Mix your own blend and show all your buddies what a connoisseur you are. We tried it out and it went down a storm! Go on, treat yourself. 
£29.95 for 70cl, Available 

The Travel Accessory: 
Cirrus Portable Steam

For any keen traveller we all know the pain of packing and unpacking clothes and it doesn’t matter how many folding manuals you watch online, nothing is ever “crease-free”. Well, the Cirrus portable steamer solves all your problems, compact, minimal in design it steams your clothes in 25 seconds flat. I’d go get it if I was you… Oh and it comes in matte black, so its still “manly”. 
£100.00, Available 

The Watch: 
GUESS, Contactless Sports Watch

This is your everyday sports watch. Forget the iWatch, who really needs messages on your wrist anyways? This is a dynamic and robust piece, that in a first for the brand, includes built-in contactless payments in partnership with Bpay by Barclays. Great looking sports watch – Check. No need to get your phone or bank card out of your pocket – Check. What more could you need?
£219.00, Available  H Samuel /


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