Introducing UA Curry 6 Fox Theatre


Model:  Curry 6 Fox Theatre 

Key Features:  “Fox Theater” colorway with neon green outsole/orange midsole and lacing system framed against an all-black upper,  UA HOVR cushioning technology. 

Release Date: January 4th 2019 

Price: £115.00


Steph Curry, where do we begin? 3-time MVP and athletic demi-god, to call him a highly elite athlete would do him no justice as he enjoys some of the best ball he’s played in his career so far. Curry is currently one of the top players in the NBA and based on average distance covered per game, he’s essentially running a marathon every month. With that, Curry needs a sneaker that can keep up, that’s where UA and their crack team have designed the Curry 6 Fox Theatre.

 “The Curry 6 gives me the ultimate confidence that no matter what move I try, change of direction, change of speed, the amount of wear and tear I put on my body over the course of 48 minutes, that is going to ride with me the whole way, ” – Stephen Curry. 

Basketball is a sport focused on fast twitch movements, with the flow of the game constantly changing direction. Game analysis data highlights that Stephen will have a change in movement pattern over 1000 times per game; which equates to a change in movement every 2 seconds (on average). 
This high volume of movement change makes it essential that Curry’s shoe provides the best traction possible on-court. The Under Armour biomechanics team dug into all of Stephen’s movements via the latest technology in their in-house labs to help inform the design, building a split outsole design that increases court contact for superior traction.

This is arguably the most innovative and advanced basketball shoe to hit the market in years. 


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