The New Prince Of Pop: Tim Chadwick

Now we don’t cover too much music on IdleSociety. But we asked ourselves recently: What is pop music?
If you monitor the charts in the UK it would seem that anything with a dance beat behind it can be classed as “popular music”. Most of it sounds exactly as the track before and after it, same drivel on repeat on mainstream radio stations. Pop stars are another matter. Most are giddy teens that have either won some kind of TV competition like Xfactor or are moulded within a inch of their lives, from hair to shoes, all by the major labels looking to make some cash. But that’s until now…

’I Need To Know’ is the pop-centric new single from Irish pop-singer Tim Chadwick. It packs a punch with its addictive chorus and flamboyantly energetic verses. Apparently influenced by “failed relationships and how they leave you guarded” the young singer has unravelled his heart on the past relationship to the audience leading them on the emotional rollercoaster of loving someone that isn’t sure if they feel the same (we’ve all been there).

The new single, which was released Friday (22nd March) is the latest addition to the singers collection and follows on from the success of his last EP ‘Early Days’. Tim would seem relatively new to the UK audience, however his talent is notable in Ireland, having been featured on Irish radio multiple times and support sold out shows with the likes of Mabel. Quite frankly, after chatting with Tim, I think this young man could be Freddie Mercury reincarnated, not only because of his fantastic moustache but also because of his natural ability to make you feel at ease, as well as his on stage performances and distinctive vocals. We sat down with Tim to talk all things music and how he plans to be the next prince of pop!

– Tim, great to meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself.. 

I’m Tim! I’m singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been using the word ‘musician’ as my job title now for 2 years now (MAD!). I write songs from an autobiographical standpoint. I love people.

– Whats ‘I Need To Know’ about? Some kind personal experience maybe?

INTK is about asking someone in a relationship to ease your anxious mind and tell you how they really feel. It’s sort of an anthem of insecurity and uncertainty. It’s been classed as a ‘sad banger’ and I’m all for that. It comes from a place where I was hurt before and entering into a new relationship terrified me because I couldn’t imagine going through that again. But while writing it I realised it’s unfair to ask someone to express emotions so outwardly the way I do. My job is feel things intensely and then give them to the world, but it’s not right to ask your partner to do that too.

 – Do you think Ireland is a hub of talent? Theres seems to be a never ending stream of singer-songwriters coming out of Ireland. Something in the water?… Or the Guinness?

 100%. The Guinness. The best thing I feel about Ireland is that artists are beginning to be unapologetically themselves in terms of their expression and their art. The template of a successful route and genre has been shattered and it’s amazing. Ireland is known for its storytelling and artists are now using their voices to express the world how they see it. Our little island has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and I feel that has trickled down into all walks of Irish life, especially music. We are not just a nation of acoustic folk guitar acts anymore and we have a lot more to say.

– That being said, not many pop artists come out of Ireland. Why did you go the pop route?

I started very much as a acoustic guitar act. But something didn’t feel right. I felt like that was the only way I could enter into the business. However, I listened to pop music 24/7 but didn’t know how to get *into* that world. So my progression has been slow and steady, but I’m so glad that’s how it’s happened. It’s allowed me to really choose what I want to sound like, not what I feel like I should sound like as a male artist in this country. I also think pop allows you to address difficult topics but in a fun manner. Sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow and the world is a mess at times, so people sometimes just need to dance along with their pain rather than wallow in it. 

– Favourite All Time Artist?

 Curve ball, it’s Paramore. I know what you’re thinking, Misery Business. While it is a BANGER, my love and admiration comes from their honesty and ability to constantly stay true to themselves and to continuously grow as a band. I love that they allow themselves to deal with their emotions and don’t shy away from difficult topics – something I feel has creeped into my style of songwriting.

– 3 remote Island essentials you couldn’t live without?

I’m gonna be boring and practical because I don’t wanna die so:1. Water2. Food3. Phone

– And finally, you’re making a sound that isn’t like the crap bubblegum pop out there at the moment. Its really refreshing and one can’t help but dance to your tracks, as if no one is watching. Whats your long-term plans? Do you want to rule the music industry? 

I think all genres of music have a place in the world, because the world is made up of all sorts.  It’s good to find the people who care about what you are doing, so I’m glad you find it refreshing. All I wanted to make were songs that I could dance to – it’s cathartic. Long terms plans are to get as many people as possible to be interested in what I have to say and how I say it. My goal from day one has never been to be famous or a global star. It’s soley just been to connect with people and make something I’m proud of. The industry is tough enough as it is, so I guess my long terms plans are just to keep my head down and my chin up.

I Need To Know is out now via Sony Music. Listen below or head to Spotify to hear more.

Image Credit: Zyanya


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