Isaac Carew, Your New Favourite British Chef

Known to few but loved by many an Instagram user, the model turned chef is taking the cooking world by storm. You’d think Mr.Carew would be more comfortable in front of a camera than on the pass, however cooking is in this young man’s blood. Heavily influenced by his father, a French-trained chef who worked at Groucho club in Soho and his mother, who he admits was able to creating “banging” dishes with little to no money using simplistic ingredients.

Now, don’t believe this fella simply picked up a spoon one day and wham bam thank you mam he’s a culinary sensation, after spending hours watching his father cook from the age of 6, Carew has Michelin-star credentials, cutting his teeth with the world famous chef Angela Hartnett (Gordon Ramsays right hand woman) at the Connaught as commis chef “my first section was salad. When you’re doing Michelin-star cooking, even the salad section is a really hard job. I went from salad to the pass, then on to the pasta section. That’s where I found my love for pasta. Angela’s family roots are Italian, so pasta was a big thing there.” says Carew.

Like all young stars now, Carew found he amassed a huge following online partly thanks to his multiple campaigns and catwalks as a model for the likes of Prada – that and being the boyfriend of pop sensation Dua Lipa doesn’t hurt – but his passion for cooking never faltered and he found his foodie posts where getting bigger attention than his #Selfie. And now we find ourselves here, ‘The Dirty Dishes’ Carew’s first cookbook focusing on his love for Italian based recipes that will make your mouth drool with enthusiasm. We were lucky enough to try out some of these simple and ‘dirty’ meals. All I can say is, what an absolute pleasure. As a foodie and gourmand myself I can appreciate the package and structure of flavours used in his dishes. They’re not overly complicated, with each mouthful being a delight Mr.Carew shows regularly his understanding of combinations.

Carew says “Around 2016, I was posting things I cooked on Instagram and I didn’t think much of it. But my friends said I had to do something with it. I was fed up with how many books and Instagram feeds were about ‘healthy this’ and ‘clean-eating that’. I wanted to do something different.” And thats exactly what he did. Simple, packed with flavour this cookbook is a treasure trove of tasty dishes that focus more on flavour and visual stimulation than being 100% “healthy” and all I can say is thank god!

Watch out Jamie Oliver, move over Mr.Kerridge, there’s a new kid of the block. This guy is handsome, personable and a bloody good chef. He has the package to last a lifetime and I for one look forward to watching his journey unfold.

The Dirty Dishes is out on 7 March (£13.99; Pan Macmillan)


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