Under Armour RUSH Collection

Let us start by saying, this maybe some of the best technology we’ve ever used. Normally when a brand says “we’ve incorporated X mineral and Y ‘industry first’ fabric/weave” we normally switch off. Lets face it, how much can you really do with athletic wear? Does it really help me in anyway shape or form when I’m working out or walking the dog? The answer a lot of the time is no. That was until we got the news about Under Armours new RUSH collection.

A brand that first revolutionised the athletic wear market in 1996, introducing sweat-wicking fabric, Under Armour is once again changing the performance apparel game by introducing responsive gear, scientifically designed to enhance performance. With Under Armour performance is a 24/7, 365 thing. From their Athlete Recovery Sleepwear featuring TB12 technology, developed in collaboration with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to its latest offering the RUSH Collection, a mineral-infused fabric designed to enhance performance. Giving athletes that extra edge by recycling the body’s energy during moments of performance.

“Scientifically Tested,Steph Curry Proven”

– Under Armour

Designed to be worn at “the time of sweat”, this scientifically engineered fabric promotes improved performance and energy return. You’re thinking what the hell, right? In simplified terms, UA RUSH is intended to provide the same benefits to the body as an infrared sauna. Time to get a PHD in chemistry… Minerals found naturally in the earth are extracted and broken down into active particles, which are then moulded together to form a proprietary blend. The blend is then infused into the fibres that are ultimately knit into UA’s high-performance fabrics that make up the gear in the collection. Then during performance, the body emits heat (if yours doesn’t work harder). The responsive UA RUSH fabric absorbs that heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. This recycled energy increases temporary localised circulation, promoting improved performance, energy and recovery. When worn, UA RUSH stimulates increased endurance and strength. Simple really.

In summary, we tried and tested these products to the max, using them across multiple workouts and environments. The result is that this may be UA’s best collection yet. The apparel is comfortable and easy to move in and the short sleeve Tee is nothing short of perfection and could well be the best sweat wicking fabric we’ve ever used. Normally a vigorous workout will make us look as if we’ve just got out the shower, however whilst wearing the UA RUSH tee we were sweat free on top half and found we had a little more energy when it came to pressing, pushing and pulling. Coincidence? Is a straight 10 from us. UA keep it up!

The Under Armour RUSH Collection is available now online as well as via selected retailers.


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