Summer Travel Wellness Hacks

With summer fast approaching many of us are now looking forward to our 2 week holiday in some far flung corner of the world. Cocktails, long naps on the beach and lots of lazing around. But how do you cope with long haul travel? And what happens if you actually fancy doing a minimal workout whilst you’re away?

We sat down with celebrity trainer and energy manifester Hollie Philippa to get her top 5 tips on travelling this summer. As you’d guess, Hollie is required to travel to every corner of the planet with her A-list client list. She shares with us how she keeps herself and her clients on top form.

1) Top 5 tips for staying in shape this summer? 

H: Consistency: create consistency with your daily habits, commit to working out a set amount of days per week, commit to keeping your nutrition 80/20, book your workouts in your diary.

Set a goal: Set your goal which gives you clarity and motivation to be your best self.

Stay hydrated: On your holiday and during the summer in general ensure you are drinking enough water to maintain hydration which will support energy levels, skincare, performance and fat loss.

Invest in a Coach: If you need additional accountability or motivation, invest in someone you trust who can support your mission and your goals. 

Look Good, Feel Good: What you wear affects how you feel, invest in some key gym wear pieces. It’ll help you feel on your a game and ready to crush your workouts.

2) Best recovery tips after one too many cocktails? 

H: Cut down on those cocktails, ha. Epsom salt baths and saunas are great for a quick detox. But most of all staying hydrated and filling up on your vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C will support with antioxidants alongside milk thistle to support the liver.

3) What are your hacks for long-haul travel?

H: Stay hydrated! being cooped up in a plane cabin is a terrible for your skin and overall immune system, by making sure you get in those bottles of water you’ll suffer less with jet-lag and you’ll feel in better shape when you land. Another thing to do is try and stay away from those plane meals if you can, come prepared with healthy snacks, you can’t go wrong with fruit and nuts! Lastly stretch. If you can book a yoga class for when you land or find a few basic yoga moves and stretches that you can easily do in your hotel room. I’d also advise booking yourself a massage to support lymphatic drainage, travelling can make us feel inflamed and bloated it’s a great way to combat this.

4) You’ve got 30 mins and 0 equipment, What are the exercises you’d do to get in a sweat? 

H: Get your HIIT on. Think jump squats, squats, burpees, press ups, sprint on the spot, ab crunch, lunges! You can get a great sweat on with all these movements. Hit 20 reps of each and go for 8-10 sets.

5) Favourite holiday destination?  

H: I love my home here in the UK. It is for sure my favourite place but if I was to pick somewhere it would be New Zealand or Australia right now. The air is fresh, they are super healthy, the beaches, the good food and the great energy! 



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