Casio Pro Trek F30

Brand: Casio  

Model:  Pro Trek F30

Key Pieces: 1.2inch Dual Layer OLED Colour touchscreen Display, Wifi Connectivity, Water resistant 50M, GPS, Coloured Maps (offline availability), Wear OS by Google, Environmental resistance -10 degrees C. Available in Black, Blue and Orange.

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £450.00


An adventurers piece of heaven. The Casio Pro Trek F30 is a modern and clean answer for everything you could ever need when exploring the big wide world. Casio have combined smart watch functionalities together with maps and GPS capabilities, housed in a MIL-STD-810G wristwatch to create the ProTrek this faultless piece of kit.

It’s dual-layer monochrome LCD capacitive touchscreen is easy to use and and has increased battery life. Within normal use with GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and the colour touchscreen all running, the watch is able to perform for up to 1.5 days. However, need it to last longer? With the Extend Mode you can increase this to 3 days without the use of Bluetooth and Wifi, and Multi-Timepiece mode offers up to a full month of battery life while still showing key sensor information such as time, compass bearing, altitude and atmospheric pressure. And if, like us, you love getting lost in the wilderness you’ll be happy to hear you’ll always be able to find your way back thanks to full colour maps can be downloaded and viewed offline, along with the in-built sensors such as ‘Breadcrumb information’, Compass, Altimeter and Barometer to show you your direction of travel, altitude above sea level and the current atmospheric pressure. Come on, do you really need anything else? This really is a superior piece of kit that screams intelligence for the modern explorer…We’ll have 2 please.


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