Design Simply At Its Best

Stainless Clad Gyuto Knife By Blenheim Forge

You’ve never experience a knife this good. Handcrafted in Peckham and used by some of the best chefs in the UK and beyond, this is a design masterpiece. These are easily out-doing the ever great Japanese masters. Their knives are strong, sharp and, thanks to the pattern-welded (or “Damascus”) technique they use, each one is glorious to behold. Each blade is shot through with rivulets of different metals, bearing its own uniquely mottled fingerprint. With its blue super steel core, clad with Stainless Steel, the grind is stepped and the edge has been thinned to a micro bevel for exceptional cutting performance. Un-reactive cladding makes for easy maintenance. A piece of kit that will last you a lifetime.  

£320.00, Available

Luzli Roller MK01 Black Headphones

Every ROLLER headphone set is individually hand made in Switzerland, making each one unique. The precisely crafted aluminium and steel headband fits the head snugly and comfortably, and rolls neatly into a compact size to fit in your pocket. The patented rolling design makes the ROLLER MK01 the smallest package size of its type in the world. Unlike other folding headphones which use plastic, the ROLLER is built to last and uses the same high quality materials that you might expect from a premium watch.

 £3,360, Available

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC

Foldable phones are a thing. It only makes sense that PCs follow suit. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC blurs the lines between tablet and laptop not by hiding a keyboard somewhere, but by letting the screen itself bend to a clamshell format. Powered by an Intel processor running a special version of Windows, it has a 13.3″ OLED 2K display from LG that can fold in half, reducing its width by 50%. As you might expect, it’s just a preview for now, but the company promises full details and availability in 2020.

£TBC, Available

Bentley Bentayga Bengala SUV

Bentley’s Bentayga SUV isn’t a total pretender when it comes to offroad prowess, but it was definitely built more with on-road comfort and performance in mind. If you find the stock Bentayga a little too soft around the edges, Spanish design firm Bengala Automotive Design SL has a very limited-production package that should fit the bill. The front gets a massive prerunner-esque guard that incorporates an LED light bar and completely changes the Bentayga’s appearance, from posh to aggressive. Fender flares cover larger all-terrain tires mounted on bespoke wheels that fill the space from the taller ride height, along with new running boards and side-exit exhaust pipes. Bengala collaborated on the project with a Spanish rally champion, with the promise that it performs as well as it looks. Only 15 will be made, making it one of the most exclusive SUVs you can get.


Osseo Sailing Yacht Concept

Blending modern creature comforts with the romance of wind-powered sailing, the Osseo concept yacht is a seamless blend of old and new. A carbon fibre and graphene hull gives it a dark colouring, reduces weight, and offers corrosion resistance, while a spacious interior has room for 12 guests. The main deck offers plenty of space for eating and sunbathing, while a semi-transparent roof at the rear offers protection from the rays and shades the dip pool. Designed by Igor Jankovic, it’s sadly just a concept for now.

Lumipod Prefab Cabin

French-based Lumicene is using their signature curved glass window to create modern nature retreats. The Lumipod Prefab Cabin is a 183-square-foot circular shelter. Its frame is made from aluminum and is clad in planks of burnt wood in order to blend into its surroundings. Sitting on four screw piles, the cabin is lightly placed on the terrain for minimal impact on its environment. The interior is lined in plywood and features a bathroom, closet, and a bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling glazing encloses the space, immersing users in the landscape. To seamlessly connect with the wilderness, the window slides open turning the sleeping area into a covered outdoor space. Each Lumipod can be manufactured and delivered in about six months.

Learn more at


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