Festival Season: What To Wear

Every year, festival season see’s millions of people fill fields, beaches and the occasional yacht all over the UK and lands further beyond, eager to sweat it out amongst the crowds and willing to share godawful porter potties to listen to their favourite artists. Each year it seems, not only do people forget their morals and basic survival instincts, people also forget all sense of style. So we here to offer our top tips for what to wear to your favourite festival this year.

Canada Goose Field Poncho

What UK festival would be complete without the help of a poncho? Now we don’t mean any old poncho. If you must wear one, wear one with style. This Canada Goose Field poncho in camouflage is stylish, comfortable and practical and a simple must have for anyone who’s going to take their glamping and festivals seriously this year. Made of Tri-Durance fabric it allows for protection against harsh and unpredictable weather. The relaxed open fit adds air flow and ventilation, while the large kangaroo pocket holds all your necessities (insert beer)
£575, Available canadagoose.com

Vans Tie-Die Era Sneaker

Festival time means bright colours and comfortable footwear. We suggest going with the classic festival silhouette the Vans Era Tie-Dye. This rugged sneaker will take any hits you have to throw at it and best of all, after the mud, sand, water and inevitable sick…(yours or someone else’s) stick in the wash and they’ll look brand new!
£57.00, Available Vans.co.uk

Reiss Linen Blend Tailored Shorts

Now, just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you can go full on dirtbag. Have a bit of pride man! These sage linen shorts by Reiss are the perfect balance between comfort and style. They come with a side-adjuster at the hip, a zip fly and a turned-up hem. Ideal summer shorts cut from a high-quality, cool and comfortable material: what more could you want?
£85.00, Available Reiss.com

Lacoste x Novak Djokovic Sunglasses

Tennis is a fun sport, but, a pretty conservative one. The kit has to be practical, so we guess. And yet that didn’t stop Lacoste from injecting a riviera touch courtside, teaming up with the current numero uno for an exclusive range of sunglasses. These Oval Metal Heritage shades will make for a stylish accessory this festival season and everyone will be in gawking at how god damn great you look.
£169.00, Available Lacoste.com

MUJI Short Sleeve Linen Shirt

Summer means linen, its perfect, especially whilst you’re stuck down the front of the main stage at Glastonbury, you’ll be that little less sweaty. MUJI’s linen offering brings a contemporary silhouette to one of mankind’s oldest fibres. MUJI’s menswear collection uses French Linen produced in Normandy, France: the flax is grown in moderately humid areas with large temperature fluctuations between day and night, yielding linen that is absorbent and quick drying.  
£34.95, Available MUJI.eu

Takahiro Miyashita – TheSoloist Tee

Remember when everyone got together and collectively decided to wear a Ramones T-shirt? It’s a sartorial phenomenon that bought together one of the only style rules we ask you not to break: it is only acceptable to wear a band tee if you’re willing and able to recite said band’s entire back catalogue. But that being said, TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist.’s tee – printed with a reference to Mr Charles Peterson’s seminal photoessay on grunge. That and what could me more festival ready than a tee with Mr.Cobain all over it? It is £195 though…Maybe one for the wall instead?
£195.00 (we know…but f*#k it), Available Mrporter.com

Stance Zuma Low Socks

Funky footwear deserves funky socks and Stance are always top of the pile when it comes to that. Not only are they funky as Saturday Night Fever, they’re also incredibly comfortable, with 0 slip off! Winner winner.
£10.99, Available Stance.eu

G-Shock GA-2000 Carbon Core Guard Watch

By far one of the most underrated watch brands out there G-Shock have nailed it with their latest offering. Utilizing the new Carbon Core Guard structure, the analog-digital G-Shock GA-2000 series offers a new urban outdoor style with a sleeker look than the usual G-Shock and does it at an affordable price point. Not a fan of the red? Interchangeable straps enable the wearer to change up their look for whatever the occasion maybe. Oh and its water proof, perfect for any potential showers.. rain, beer.. you never know.
£139.00, Available G-Shock.co.uk


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