London’s ‘World First’ 360-Degree Infinity Pool

The world’s first ever 360-degree infinity pool could be coming to London soon, and it’s set to sit on the roof of a 55-story hotel.

The architectural concept hails from UK-based swimming pool creators Compass Pools and, should it get the go-ahead, swimming atop a giant skyscraper will be a must for anyone looking for a unique way to view London’s skyline.

The pool will fit 600,000 liters of water and boasts transparent walls and floor, which not only allows swimmers an unrestricted view across the capital city but also into the hotel below. The construction will also have a built-in anemometer that’ll monitor wind speeds and control temperature.

How you would exit the pool is a small concern, looking at the images available shows no obvious staircase or ladder. Instead, as designboom reports, access to and from will be through a rotating spiral staircase that rises from the pool floor. Very James Bond wouldn’t you agree?
If all goes to plan construction will start in 2020.


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