What We Want This Week

Snakehive London Card Holder

Crafted for everyday life using premium top grain Vachetta leather Snakehive London are composed a beautiful collection that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The compact design can hold up to 8 cards with room to spare for notes. The reduced size means it safely fits in your front pocket, especially useful when travelling, it holds your most important day to day cards. £24.00, Available Snakehive.co.uk

G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1A3ER

This premium offering from G-Shock is full of all the technical features you’d expect from a watch designed to withstand the harshest environments, whilst also retaining the classic Mudmaster silhouette. The revamped piece now comes with an all-new Carbon Core Guard case – making it lighter than ever, but with no compromise in strength. Perfect for the outdoors the newly developed Carbon Core Guard structure employs lightweight and rigid carbon-fibre reinforced materials in the case. The bezel and case back also use carbon for increased toughness. This new dust- and mud-resistant structure employs a filter inserted between the case and buttons to keep dirt out, ensuring a good seal without using metal button pipes. The GG-B100 is equipped with features that support land missions by linking the sensors to a dedicated app. The watch has a triple sensor and an accelerometer: the three sensors detect compass bearing, measure atmospheric pressure/altitude, and gauge temperature, and the accelerometer counts steps. In addition to tracking changes in the natural environment, the watch can be linked with the dedicated app to easily grasp details of the activity history, such as calculating the calories burned from the ascent/descent based on the altitude and step count data. Available August 1st. £325.00, Available G-Shock.co.uk

MYZONE MZ-20 Home Scale

Say hello to your new best friend. The MZ-20 home scale is perfect for anyone who is serious about their wellness and tracking their fitness goals. The MZ-20 provides seamless live data delivering feedback from the convenience of your home. It is ideal for people wanting to monitor their body metrics on a high-frequency basis to ensure they stay on track – monitoring Bodyfat Percentage, Bodyweight, BodyWater, BMR, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and more all trackable from the easy to use MYZONE app. We suggest going to pick one up right now. Go on, what are you waiting for?
£69.00, Available Myzone.org

Oakley Frogskin Metallic Splatter

Celebrating Oakley’s heritage with metallic hits on hand-painted frames in the Oakley Metallic Splatter Collection. In pop culture, it was a time like no other. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, The Terminator was in the box office and Run DMC was in certified gold. It was also the time when Oakley created one-of-a-kind sunglasses called Frogskins. Oakley resurrected the original tooling from the ’80s giving you a chance to own a piece of history. These are this summers must-have sunglasses, in fact, their this years must have sunglasses. Take them from beach to slopes, winter to summer and beyond. £105, Available Oakley.com

Icebreaker NZ Cool-Lite Crewe Tee

New Zealand-based apparel company icebreaker works with what nature provides to create high- performing outdoor clothing using natural merino fibres, as an alternative to plastic based synthetic apparel. This SS19 season, Icebreaker challenges consumers to think about what their clothing is made of, and the effect it has on the environment. By asking customers, ‘What impact does your T-shirt have?’ the brand creates a starting point for people to be conscious consumers and make a change for good. A benefit of using merino is that it needs less washing, due to it being naturally odor-resistant. Washing clothes less means even fewer microfibres released and often helps reduce the burden on the world’s water resources – the average laundry wash uses up to 152 liters of water – and it frees people up to stay active for longer. Icebreaker is encouraging people to take on the #teesforgood challenge. With the proposition, ‘7 days, 1 tee, 0 washes,’ consumers are encouraged to try wearing their icebreaker for seven days before washing. £75.00, Available Icebreaker.com


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