5 Questions With: Freddie Pearson

We sit down with Freddie Pearson, Ex Team GB Water Polo athlete turned wellness entrepreneur and model for ‘5 questions with…’ making his success with his performance coaching company, working with some of the top athletes and CEO’s in the country. He is also a model working with brands such as Diesel, Levi’s and many more. We talk travelling fitness, Monday mornings and his favourite go-to brands.

1) Top tips for keeping fit when travelling? 

 I’m a big believer in BodyWeight fitness; being able to carry your body as effectively and efficiently as possible. It means that when I go travelling, nothing changes in my goals – lots of BodyWeight movement, high intensity sessions that don’t take too long but get you moving, burning fat and building lean muscle. A skipping rope is the best investment you can make for travelling – it’s the only Equipment I really use and it’s so good for keeping fit on the go. In terms of food, I’m very lenient with my nutrition – travelling is about experiencing culture, trying fantastic cuisines and getting to know a country as best as possible, so I won’t restrict myself at all. 

2) What do you carry on you day to day? 

 I don’t like to carry much I’ll be honest – I’ve become a bit of a minimalist over the last few years which makes life considerably easier. I wear a Daniel Wellington watch which I love; it’s incredibly stylish yet simple. My phone of course, my wallet and keys when they’re not lost! I also use a diary, which is pretty old school. I’ve always had raging OCD so keeping my time organised is a must, but it’s also good to write down good experiences and good times to reassure you when you’re going through a bad batch; I keep a “funny quotes list” from my mates which is always a great read if I’m having a bad mood.

3) Who are your favourite brands right now? 

I’ve always loved Crew Clothing company; they’re very up my street, and ridiculously comfortable to wear. I’ve always been a fan of Topman and H&M, purely due to their affordability and simplicity. Marks and Spencers men’s section is always coming up with great stuff too. In terms of sports wear though I’m a massive fan of Gymshark at the moment; they’re innovative and flexible approach to fashion and sport makes them incredibly exciting to follow; plus their team is incredibly cool.

4) Whats your favourite restaurant at the moment? 

Favourite restaurant would have to be Duck and Waffle or Sushi Samba near Liverpool Street. I went there on a date a few weeks back and the food was absolutely outrageous. The view as well just compliments the whole atmosphere of the restaurant so it’s a really exciting place to go. Have become a massive foodie recently, have always loved my food but my curiosity to explore is definitely growing.

5) How do you start your mornings? 

My mornings have been a little varied recently, but a good gym session and a hearty breakfast puts me in a good mood. I’ve also got a puppy who’s just the most loving creature in the world so waking up to a wagging tail and a few slippery kisses is always a positive start to the day! I think the most important think for me however is not going on my phone straight away; it’s good to set the right tone for the day and just get connected to myself and the world around me, and not just be embedded in the digital world 

You can follow Freddie over on his Instagram or his website FreddiePearsonFitness.com


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