Bjorn Borg Want To Make You Fitter And Smarter With Music

Science shows that training makes you smarter and So does classical music. Björn Borg decided to combine the two to see if it was possible to create the world’s smartest workout symphony. By composing a classical piece with a BPM of 123, this unique symphony will increase your endurance – and also raise your IQ.

The Swedish sports brand continues to explore what exactly is  happening in our brains when we exercise. Together with a training expert, a neurologist and a classical music composer Bjorn Borg now present the world’s smartest workout track, titled ”Symphonia Exercitii Et Intelligentiae”. It’s a piece of classical music built after a BPM backed by science, that (according to the brand) not only will it increase your workout results, but also make you smarter.

At almost 10 minutes long, the cinematic symphony was composed by noted classical composer Jonas Valfridsson and has been performed by a Swedish orchestra.

“To be asked to write a symphony for a workout was an unusual request, and a challenge as a composer. With inspiration from my favourite Rocky I workout anthems, it feels like I have composed the soundtrack to my own superhero movie! I also wanted the piece to have an upbeat and rhythmic feel, without losing the melodies and counterpoints of classical music. Through the music I want to convey the feeling of facing a challenge and the proudness in fighting and overcoming it”, says Jonas Valfridsson.

The cinematic and  somewhat ‘Downtown Abbey’esk symphony is now available on Spotify. I guess we could all do with being a little smarter. Go give it a listen at the link below. 


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