Introducing The Under Armour Curry 7

Brand: Under Amour

Model:  CURRY 7

Key Features: UA HOVR™ Technology, Micro G® Cushioning, Internal Counter Lining Package, Decoupled Heel 

Release Date: November 1st 2019

Price: £120.00


In the latest iteration of the CURRY signature sneaker we see a new colour way and new technology added to the shoe from top to bottom including UA’s Micro G® cushioning keeps your first step and every cut more explosive as well as UA’s Flexible Plate in the midsole that is inspired by the plate often found in a track and field spikes, which allows a runner to stay on the balls of their feet – as we all know Curry favours playing on his toes, allowing him to stay explosive multi-directionally. For you and me, plate also that adds support and stability to every move on the court. On the upper part of the sneaker, UA have added a translucent layering application of synthetic leather, mesh and TPU skins, which offer reinforcement in zonal areas for comfort, stability and most importantly mobility. 

Under Armour footwear designer Leon Gu said“We designed the Curry 7 with layers and really obsessed over the details to address the fit and showcase the technology. The result is a sleek, minimal design that features lightweight materials. The Curry 7 is giving Stephen all he needs on-court. Athletes can expect to benefit from zonal reinforcement for stability and mobility, a flex plate that offers a quicker reaction time off the ground and a return on the power from the distance and minutes they clock on-court.”

For us, this may be the best iteration of the Curry signature sneaker we have seen yet, not only does it look appealing to the eye with black, white, and grey with red detailing colorway, its also bursting at the seams with tech that will help your game and improve injury prevention. In terms of an everyday sneaker, UA have built to improve the overall ride and comfort levels, creating a more breathable and flexible design that allows support and comfort for the wearer. This shoe will change the way basketball shoes are designed.


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