The New Big Boy Ford Bronco

Ford is teasing its upcoming Bronco in full Baja 1000-ready trim at the legendary desert race and people are getting hyped. The occasion marked the 50th anniversary of Rod Hall’s 1969 Baja win in a Ford Bronco, the only time a four-wheel-drive vehicle has finished first overall. Paired up with Rod’s restored 1969 winner, the all-new Ford Bronco R promises offroad ability that lives up to its predecessor when it puts its new drivetrain and chassis to the test in the 1,000-mile race. While the Bronco R was built in collaboration with Ford Performance and Geiser Bros Design and has a lot of parts that won’t be on the production version, this is the best look yet at what the SUV will look like when it finally debuts in Spring 2020. Right now it looks like the Bronco will only be available in the US, but for now we can at least drawl over it.

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