Productivity Secrets From The $1 Billion Man, John Foley

Many startup founders are notorious for being one of two things, either absolutely useless, flying by the seat of their pants or highly productive machines. Mr. John Foley is the founder and CEO of Peloton is most certainly the latter, which is probably a good thing as he’s the founder of a fitness company. The cult digital spinning company currently has a £3.2 billion valuation and recently reported that it now has more customers than the original ‘spinning cult’ and fitness giant that is, SoulCycle. Peloton launched late last year in the UK and has seen a huge uptake in numbers with more and more people looking for more convenient ways to workout instead of trying to book into packed boutique studios around London. We spoke to Mr.Foley to find out his productivity hacks and his daily routine.

Here’s how he structures his day to get stuff done…


Hydrate mindfully

“The first thing I do, almost before I open my eyes, is go to the sink and, from my hand, take 30 sips of water. Someone told me that it jump-starts your body.”


Hit a cardio session

“I used to do 45 minutes; it’s closer to 30 minutes now that I have two children. I go down to our living room and generally do a Peloton ride to start my day.”


Read newsletters

“As well as a couple of hundred emails a day to deal with, there are probably ten different daily mailing lists that I am on. [I recommend] The Information, a ragout on [Silicon] Valley that is kind of an ‘inside baseball’ for tech.”


Work outside the office

“On average, I get down to a coffee house once a day. Sometimes I take a pad of paper. Often you think differently with a pen in hand, away from email.”


Book a meeting with yourself

“If there’s something I need to get done – say I need to write a letter to the shareholders – I will create a two-hour meeting with myself on Google Calendar and that’s the time I dedicate to writing the letter.”


Walk and talk your way to lunch

“Lunch is generally grabbing a sandwich and coming back to my desk, so often I ask someone if they want to come with me and get seven minutes of conversation in transit.”


Take ten minutes of exercise

“There’s a former US Marine on the IT help desk – a young guy in pretty good shape. A couple of times a week I’ll grab him and say, ‘Do you have five minutes?’ He and I will go to the gym here at Peloton and we’ll challenge each other to a pull-up competition.”


Maintain your network

“So many people stop off in New York [where Peloton is based]. A couple of times a week friends, business contacts or investors are in town and want to connect.”


Don’t clock off

“I never find a need for a moratorium on being in ‘work mode’; my blood pressure doesn’t change. I enjoy my work and the people I work with, so there’s not really any time when I turn it off.”


Make family time

“My wife and I are trying to do family night once a week. I’m also the coach of my daughter’s softball team and my son’s baseball and basketball teams. It’s my happy place to be out there – I feel like a good father.”

Find out more about Peloton at


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