What We Want This Week

Oakley ‘Deadbolt’ Sunglasses

It’s no secret, Oakley is the leader of a bloated and overloaded eyewear industry, and we’re happy to say they’ve proven, yet again, just why they’re the leader with the new Deadbolt frame. Yes, its a slightly unconventional design, but it’s a progressive take on sunglass design and we love it. Equipped with Oakley’s Prizm™ Lens Technology and a strong and lightweight titanium frame, these are brilliantly durable and a practical all-day frame that will up your style game day to day, on the slopes or getting some winter sun. £235.00, Available Oakley.com

Bluemint, Stanley Cardholder

Sleek, streamlined and stylish, everything the modern man needs from his wallet or cardholder. The Bluemint Stanley cardholder is the perfect example of what elegant accessories are all about. With a built in money clip attached the the back it instantly stands out from the crowd. And might we add we personally think it’s a great bonus feature for those of us who still love carrying a bit of cash. On the front of the holder there is a total of two slots for credit and bank cards – if you have anymore, for god sake condense down man! – and an expandable central compartment for bills and receipts. As we said, sleek and stylish. £50.00, Available Bluemint.com

Nike React Infinity Run Sneaker

Injury. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating for any active individual, especially runners. Well, say hello to the Nike React Infinity Run. Designed specifically to reduce risk of injury. It blends the best qualities of the company’s Vaporfly and React technologies, resulting in a shoe that’s both stable and bouncy. A rocker-like bottom encourages a more fluid transition through each stride and a slight forward lean, while a widened midsole provides a confident base and gently guides the foot in a straight line. Ideal for middle-milage, moderate runs — think training, not racing — the shoe produced a 52% lower injury rate compared to the motion control Nike Structure 22 during testing.
Available to Nike.com and everywhere January 16th, 2020.

MINI Cooper SE All-Electric

Mini has finally released pricing information for its new all-electric Mini Cooper SE. Surprisingly enough for a brand known for selling compacts that can push past £40,000 the new electric car offers a tremendous value proposition that could redefine the EV market. For the ‘Level 1’ tier car it will cost you only £24,400, a small amount compared to its nearest competitor, the Model Y from Tesla that comes out at around £35,000. For that price, buyers will receive pretty reasonable performance. The Mini Cooper SE will have 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, and accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. Not bad at all.
Prices start from £24,400.00, Available Mini.co.uk

Recipes From An Italian Butcher

What are the Italians know for, other than fantastic wine? Food. The Italians have always had a straightforward approach when it comes to cooking, maximise flavour. This book puts some of the best recipes in a Italys heritage front and centre. The hardback cookbook features more than 150 recipes, most of which are published for the first time in English. The majority of dishes are simple and satisfying, with a focus on demystifying the different cuts of meat, cooking methods, and techniques unique to each meat type — along with the side dishes that best complement them.
£29.95, Available Phaidon.com


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