Roger Federer Signs On Shoe Deal

Tennis icon Roger Federer has agreed a deal with Swiss footwear brand On to become an investor, contributing designer and global ambassador.

The 38-year-old, 20-time Grand slam winner has been without a footwear deal since leaving Nike to sign a US$300 million apparel deal with Japanese brand Uniqlo in June 2018. Federer continued to wear Nike tennis shoes on court despite not having a contract with the brand but now is set to switch to On footwear from 2020 onwards after buying a stake in the Swiss footwear brand. Federer’s line of On trainers are in the pipeline for next year and he will also be tapped for further product development and marketing duties.

According to the brand, Federer started wearing its trainers for his sprint training sessions and even before officially signing a contract he was in the On offices to give feedback on design.

“They were impossible to ignore because everyone had them, people on the street, my friends, my wife,” Federer told the New York Times. “At first, I thought that they were a little strange to look at, then I realised I actually really liked the design.”

He added: “We like it when little Swiss guys make a move on the big international stage.” The amount of money Federer has invested in the company has not been revealed but On co-founder David Allemann described it as “very meaningful”.


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