What We Want This Week

Timex Standard Watch

Timex is one of the founding farther’s of affordable, well made watches. This Timex Standard is a casual flip to wearing a classic chronograph. The attention to detail allows the Timex Standard to seamlessly merge to its surroundings making it a classic piece for the everyday man. Bringing together classic design elements and modern materials this is a watch that has been designed with versatility in mind. Its easily interchangeable straps and the blue chronograph dial are complemented by the lightweight silver-tone case and traditional oversized crown, a nod to the original Timex pocket watch. £99.99, Available Hsamuel.co.uk

Lacoste Urban Breaker Boots

Winter is well and truly here, so that means its time to pack away those beautifully white sneakers you bought for summer and replacing them with something just as beautifully, if not a little more appropriate for this time of year and lets be honest, there will be mud, snow, rain and just about other element thrown at you this season so you need a boot and more to the point, you need the Lacoste Urban Breaker boot. A hiking-inspired high-top boot, these combine rugged, winter-ready functionality – such as their rather cosy Thinsulate linings with style and versatility.
£115.00, Available Asos.com

L.L. Bean Double L Pocket Knife

Any outdoors explorer needs a classic single-blade pocket knife and this durable stainless-steel blade fits the bill. Reliably sharp and sleekly attractive, the Double L compact folding knife from L.L. Bean will quickly become your favourite camping tool, you’ll never want to go on a trip without it. £20.00, Available Llbean.com

High-back VEDBO Armchair By Ikea

Scandinavian inspired design may just be the best thing created in interior design. The timeless design of VEDBO makes this armchair by Ikea easy to place in various room settings, seamlessly matching with any other furniture you have. Every man needs a good armchair and this is the perfect companion for any man young or old, just imagine sitting there reading IdleSociety on a lazy Sunday morning in this, perfect.
£229.00, Available Ikea.com

MPOW Bluetooth Headphones Transmitter & Audio Adapter

Theres nothing worse than getting on a long-haul flight only to realise you didn’t bring (or maybe don’t even have) an AUX cable for your headphones. Say goodbye to in-flight entertainment or be forced to use those hideous free ones they give away on the plane. You paid good money for your wireless headphones, so if they don’t already come with an adapter, make sure you can use them on a plane even though there’s no Bluetooth with these. £23.79, Available Amazon.com


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